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About Us

www.viwahaya.com website is trying to make a platform to get identify each other who have hope to get married, in Sri Lanka.

Process of this website is similar to the process of newspaper, but proposals are consist with more details. And also you can find out well match proposals to you using search page instantly. It’ll cause to save your valuable time. Here are some benefits you are received by using this website to post your marriage proposal.

 You can post your proposal within five minute
 You can use your smart mobile phone also to post your proposal.
 Once you post your proposal, anytime you can check and edit your proposal.
 Very low cast to post your proposal.
 You can show your photos with your proposal. (This is definitely cause to make more attention)
 When the ad is expired, you can update the ad instantly for very low cost.

Of course there is lot of other benefits which has not mentioned here. There for, you are cordially invited to post your marriage proposal with www.viwahaya.com.