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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

01. Users must use this website (www.viwahaya.com) only for publishing their marriage proposals.

02. Proposals that you publish in this website or submit to our agent to be publish in the website, must be yours or a well-known person by you.

03. If you want publish a proposal in this website on behalf of third party and you are not the mother or father of that person, must not publish it without his or her consents.

04. No one is must publish erotic or such photos, images, videos or any other content in the website.

05. When you publish a proposal or reply to someone proposal in this website, you must act in best of your knowledge, honestly and in good faith.

06. Couples who meet through www.viwahaya.com must not engages in financial or such a deals which may cause be each other unrest, until finalize the proposed proposals.

07. The persons who use this website must protect the privacy and dignity of other users of this website.